Enhanced Integrated Business Planning

Enhanced Integrated Business Planning (eIBP) for Project-Driven Organisations

ASC Associates UK specialises in providing consulting services for the deployment of best practice Project Delivery Management (PDM) for project-driven organisations.

In our experience, best practice PDM is enabled by:

  • an organisation model that regards project structures as transient, and where the use of “matrix organization” structures is widespread and
  • an operational model that qualifies as an analytics-driven enterprise, where related resources and activities are managed as a process and effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information.

ASCA promotes enhanced Integrated Business Planning (eIBP) as the transformation vehicle, for a project-driven organisation, to achieve best practice PDM.

We define enhanced integrated business planning as a method for the effective planning and allocation of all resources of the organisation across multiple projects and bids for the establishment, execution and on-going tracking of a multi-year budget (MYB) to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals.

Enhanced IBP for project driven organisations addresses, directly, the challenge of consistently delivering for customers, in line with commitments whilst minimising margin erosion and identifies opportunities to create margin growth.


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