Enterprise Performance Management & Automated Project Reporting Solution

ASC Associates UK specialises in providing consulting services for the deployment of a business intelligence architecture (BIA) to facilitate the effective performance monitoring and control for a project-driven organisations (EPM) and the automation of its project reporting solution (aPRS).

In our experience, project-driven organisations with a fully deployed BIA achieve excellent business performance with EPM and enjoy fully automated project control and accounting reporting.

With a fully deployed BIA, project-driven organisations are able to give all their staff immediate access to the most relevant information to aid decision-making in ways that result in smarter decisions and better business outcomes.

In our experience, data analytics, which is able to comprehensively answer the question of what and where, has a blind spot. Data analytics, alone, cannot provide answers as to why things happened.

Overcoming the analytics blind spot requires the combined use of data and embedded knowledge, not only to find out what happened but also to explain why it happened. We call this new analytics model – Narralytics™

Deployment of ASCA’s Narralytics™ is a fundamental prerequisite for a project-driven organisation in their pursuit of project delivery management excellence.


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