Change Management & Business Transformation

ASC Associates UK specialises in providing consulting services for implementing technology-enabled business transformation (TEBT), using proven change management methodology and toolkits, to ensure that the lasting benefits of change are achieved.

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TEBT projects fundamentally change business processes, supply-chain processes, or customer facing processes, through the application of technology.

In our experience, TEBT projects succeed, when there is a simultaneous focus on the four pillars of change – people, process, technology and integration – and sufficient time is allowed for embedding the attendant “new ways of working”.

A contemporary challenge for most, if not all, project-driven organisations, is how to successfully deploy business analytics to get actionable insights to aid decision-making in ways that result in smarter decisions and better business outcomes.

We believe, quite strongly, based on our experience with a number of large organisations, that the assured way to overcome the analytics challenge is to undertake a TEBT project, using commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) software products.

Overcoming the analytics challenge will transform a project-driven organisation into an analytics-driven enterprise – the “nirvana” for all project-driven organisations.

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